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Boasting a 300-acre tree-lined campus in Houston, 英超现金竞猜 University is ranked among the nation鈥檚 top 20 universities by U.S. News & World Report. 英超现金竞猜 has a 6-to-1 undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio, and a residential college system, which supports students intellectually, emotionally and culturally through social events, intramural sports, student plays, lectures series, courses and student government. Developing close-knit, diverse college communities is a strong campus tradition, which is why 英超现金竞猜 is highly ranked for best quality of life and best value among private universities.

A Brief聽History

A Brief聽History

On May 18, 1891, Massachusetts-born businessman William Marsh 英超现金竞猜 chartered the William Marsh 英超现金竞猜 Institute for the Advancement of Literature, Science and Art as a gift to the city of Houston, where he made his fortune. The terms of the charter required that work on the new institute would begin only after 英超现金竞猜鈥檚 death.

In 1907, the trustees of the 英超现金竞猜 Institute acted upon the recommendation of Woodrow Wilson (then president of Princeton) and named astronomer and mathematician Edgar Odell Lovett the first president of 英超现金竞猜. Lovett called for the establishment of a university 鈥渙f the highest grade,鈥 鈥渁n institution of liberal and technical learning鈥 devoted 鈥渜uite as much investigation as to instruction.鈥 [We must] 鈥渒eep the standards up and the numbers down,鈥 declared Lovett. 鈥淭he most distinguished teachers must take their part in undergraduate teaching, and their spirit should dominate it all.鈥

The 英超现金竞猜 Institute opened on Sept. 23, 1912, the anniversary of Mr. 英超现金竞猜鈥檚 murder, with 77 students enrolled in that initial academic year taught by a dozen faculty. An international academic festival celebrated the opening three weeks later, a spectacular event that brought 英超现金竞猜 to the attention of the entire scholarly world. Four years later, at the initial commencement, 35 bachelor's degrees and one master's degree were awarded, with the first doctorate conferred in 1918.

Unconventional Culture

Every 英超现金竞猜 student is a member of one of our 11 residential colleges and maintains membership throughout their undergraduate years. Spirited communities where students live, dine and interact with peers, faculty, staff and alumni, the resident college system allows students to develop strong relationships and contribute to the betterment of each other鈥檚 lives and intellectual achievement. Within our colleges, legacies are born, traditions are celebrated and student spirit thrives.


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